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     Wildlife Constituency Needed

Bulletin Board:  

     Randy Moore new Chief of Forest Service

     Maryland bans wildlife killing contests


     How Heat Affects Wildlife

     Scientists ask Biden to Relist Wolves

     Doug Peacock – Grizzlies

     Amanda Lollar – Bat World Sanctuary

      Edward Abbey

Federal Legislation:
     Sen. Padilla Introduces New Wilderness Legislation for California

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WILDERNESS & WILDLIFE is a half-hour radio interview program hosted by Jay Shell in Bozeman, Montana and Des Moines. WA.  Interviews were originally broadcast on KGVM FM, community radio in Bozeman. Wilderness & Wildlife was initiated on KGVM in June 2018 and is produced by the Gallatin Wildlife Association in Bozeman, Montana.  New interviews are posted weekly as they become available. Suggestions are welcome and can be done via email. Letters and Bulletin Board notices are posted to Subscribers as they become available but are subject to editing.

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Jay Shell is an outdoor enthusiast and conservationist who began birding at age 11 at a camp in northern New Jersey. He has worked in Yellowstone and has adventurous stories to tell. While spending his career as a financial planner, he has backpacked across the West in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, California and Washington. He is a member of Audubon, the Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, Greater Yellowstone Coalition and Gallatin Wildlife Association and he’s served on the Boards of several wildlife & conservation organizations.


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If you are curious what wildlife is roaming around your place at night, or even during the day, you might like to purchase a trail camera and fix it where you think there might be some activity. Trail cameras are not very expensive. I looked them up on Amaxon and found quite a menu of interesting possibilities, ranging from $40 to $320, and manufactured by Victure, Co\uolife, Creative XP, Campark and Meidase. These cameras are motion activated  so you should be able to get some pretty good shots. Some just take still pictures while others will record live action. When I lived in Montana, I would hear packs of coyotes roaming below my house at night. Neighbors also said there were mountain lions roaming around though I never saw even one. Wish I’d had a camera then.


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